2021 Summer Reading Program Videos!


Phredd – Ukulele One Man Band

Musician Phredd – Ukulele One Man Band makes virtual appearance to Pequea Valley Public Library. Check out the virtual program below!

Phredd’s performance includes interaction, singing, hand-motions, and creative play. Phredd’s songs inspire imagination, creativity and positive encouragement. Enjoy ukulele strumming, harmonica wailing, suitcase drum kicking, quirky singer-songwriter of unmitigated joy performing original tunes about pirates, electric tricycles, monkeys and more. Singer, Songwriter and Ukulele One Man Band – Phredd has been performing fun songs for kids and families for over 20 years.

He is also the host of The Get Up and Go Show on WJTL radio in Lancaster.

For more information, visit http://phreddcentral.com