Inside the Library

PVPL Offers a Wide Variety of Features, Book Sections, and Much More for All Ages!

Features for All Ages

A quiet reading environment, 8 desktops and 4 laptops, a large DVD and video collection, and a friendly, caring staff make the PVPL a great environment to find books, movies, and lots more! Getting a library card is FREE, and gives you access to all the resources PVPL and the entire Lancaster Library System of libraries has to offer!

Photo of computers available at PVPL



The PVPL Kids Area has toys, games, and lots of books for all kids (and their parents) for ages 0 to before-school-age. This fun room is padded for easy crawling, and has all sorts of books, movies, read-and-listen packs, board books, and even JUMBO size books! There’s also resources for new parents, including communication, care, Spanish books, and more! There’s both fiction and nonfiction, and with a wide variety of subjects to satisfy any little reader.

Photo of the inside of the Kids Area of PVPL

Left wall of the inside of the PVPL Children's area


For the young children to the middle-school age children, PVPL has an extensive fiction section, with books by authors from A to Z, and for all ages. An easy-reader book section for the younger children provides easy-access to lots of books for the little readers getting ready for school. PVPL also has a large section of nonfiction books, from sports to nature to biographies and more! We also have a lot of audio-books and book series, including Adventures in Odyssey and lots of classic children’s books.

Picture of some of the books and features in the PVPLPhoto of Nonfiction Kids' section inside PVPL


Teens, Tweens, and Young Adults:

For our older audiences exploring the world and their lives, PVPL offers a wide variety of resources for teens, tweens, and young adults. Besides the computers, PVPL (and all Lancaster County Libraries) provides free, open WiFi during all times the Library is open. We also offer comfortable chairs, quiet spaces for reading and working, and a wide expanse of books to satisfy the older reader.

Photo of the teen section in PVPL, showcasing the books Photo of the Teen section in PVPL, showcasing the seating area



For the adults in the Lancaster Library area and beyond, PVPL offers LOTS of books, from hard-cover to paperback to Large Print and more. With an extensive book collection of fiction, nonfiction, biographies, Westerns, and more, PVPL offers books to satisfy any reader. We also have a collection of new books and audiobooks, including best sellers and newly published books. PVPL also has a lot of areas to sit and read!

Photo of PVPL adult book section Photo of PVPL Adult nonfiction section