About Us


Our Mission

The mission of the Pequea Valley Public Library is to provide everyone in the community equal access to information, technology, and high quality reading materials.
The purpose of this organization is to support and promote public library service to the Pequea Valley including Leacock, Paradise and Salisbury Townships; and to act as the agent of these municipalities providing library service to their residents. In addition, the Pequea Valley Public Library will provide library service as defined under the Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and extend access to all residents of the Commonwealth under the terms of the Library Code.

The Library

Since the library opened in 1975, it operated in a 900 square foot, one room school house situated in the village of Intercourse, PA.black and white classroom picture

The building was built in the late 19th century and served as a school until the 1960s. Our collection consists of about 21,000 items.

The current library at 31 Center Street, Intercourse, opened to the public December 3, 2007. We are pleased to be serving nearly twice as many people in the current facility as we were able to serve in the schoolhouse!

The Community

Intercourse is also an attraction to tourists who want to visit and learn more about the Amish and Mennonite ways.

The Pequea Valley Public Library serves 3 townships in Lancaster County, Paradise, Leacock and Salisbury. Over 20,000 people live in these three townships.

The Library is part of the Library System of Lancaster County and the Lancaster District. The Lancaster Area Library is the District Center. Funding for the District is provided by the State Library and the System. It’s much more complicated than it sounds.